Experience MAKO quality and fishability for the bays, bayous and beyond!

Wherever your quarry is hiding, and wherever your adventures take you, MAKO® has a full-featured, extra-rugged and smooth-riding inshore boat to get you there.

The inshore lineup consists of the award-winning Pro Skiff and 18 LTS models. Each carefully designed, crafted and outfitted to fit your every inshore need.

For the cruise, the Pro Skiff models feature our exclusive Advanced Inverted V (AIV) design, while the Light Tackle Skiffs (LTS) sport the patented Rapid Planing System (RPS) transom. The AIV is a MAKO adaption of a 100-year-old boat design. It incorporates a vented keel, inverted V and anti-spray features. On the other hand, RPS combines a stepped hull design with a notched transom that allows undisturbed water to the prop.

While vastly different in design, both hull styles produce a smooth, dry ride and easy, nimble handling in chop. They also provide amazing shallow-water capabilities, ensuring even skinny water won't keep you from your destination.

Just like their offshore counterparts, every inshore model is extremely rugged with 100% composite construction and marine-grade components throughout.

Inshore fishing perfected. Compliments of MAKO!
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w/Prep & Freight
Pro 16 Skiff CC
MAKO is bringing its legacy of crafting rugged, smooth-riding boats with plenty of fishing features to a whole new group of anglers through the ALL-NEW Pro 16 Skiff.
15' 10'' 72" $12,495* USA
Pro 17 Skiff CC
Thanks to the Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hull, the Pro 17 Skiff CC provides a great dry, smooth ride through chop, as well as amazing load carrying abilities.
17' 4'' 80" $14,495* USA
18 LTS
With the MAKO 18 Light Tackle Skiff, you get a nimble bay boat that not only gets on plane faster and in shallower water than other boats, but also sports features usually reserved for bigger boats.
18' 6'' 91" $21,495* USA