Mako 18 LTS

MAKO® boats are built by a team of boat builders with decades of experience and a passion for building quality fishing boats. Here, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts apply their insight, creativity and the latest lean-manufacturing methods to meet the needs and dreams of anglers with the highest expectations for their boats. Focus on quality and continuous improvement is aided by an advanced Voice of the Customer system, which brings them continuous feedback reflecting the experience of thousands of owners.
Plant Spray Gel

Superior gelcoats applied in an optimally controlled environment resist chalking, fading and crazing over the life of the boat.

Every MAKO boat design starts with the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) technology, assuring the highest levels of quality and manufacturability. The building process begins in the plant's lay-up area where hulls, stringer grid systems, deck assemblies and other fiberglass components are produced using state-of-the-art materials and fabrication techniques.
Plant Laying Glass

Hand-laid fiberglass laminates assure strength, durability and consistent weight.

It then moves through each stage of production until the finished boat is ready for final inspection and preparation for shipment. This system puts each step of the process in the hands of specialists trained specifically for the tasks they perform.

Plant Rotator

Mold rotators position the hull precisely to facilitate work in each step of the process.

Along the way, teams of quality control managers closely monitor each boat's progress, performing a long list of analytical inspections. Every boat must be approved at each stage of production before moving to the next. Only after passing a final inspection is it shrink-wrapped and readied for delivery. It's a painstaking process that's repeated again and again, day-in and day-out. Because, in the end, our reputation rides with every boat we build.
Spray Resin

Modern resin storage and spraying equipment assures the proper resin-to-glass ratio for optimum hull strength and performance.

Plant Ventilation

The environmentally sensitive air filtering system removes fiberglass dust and debris to enable flawless gelcoat finishes while maintaining a constant flow of fresh air for our associates.

Plant Crane

Lean manufacturing methods create a clean and orderly workspace, with well-trained associates, consistent application of standard work processes and an environment of continuous improvement.